OPUS Campers is excited to introduce our 2024 lineup, packed with fantastic upgrades and built for proper tough luxury.

Whats New

renogy core

RENOGY & BYD Power System

We've beefed up our energy storage with two 135Ah BYD Batteries - giving you 2.7 times more power than before on OP2 & OP4. Plus you can count on BYD's reliability – they're the second-largest battery maker globally and have been making batteries since 1995.  We've also switched to Renogy chargers, inverters, and the Renogy One Core Battery Management System, ensuring you can stay off the grid for an extended period

New Design & Colours

We're excited to roll out four brand-new colours for our campers! Plus, we've upgraded to steel furniture – it's lighter and stronger than our old wood furniture. Finally, with our new composite flooring, the interior is ready to take on whatever life throws its way.





Electric Lift Roof

Our hybrid caravans have just got a whole lot better with LINAK®'s Techline Actuators. Now you use the electric lift roof when you roll up to your campsite after a long day on the road. We chose LINAK® Techline Actuators because they have been rigorously tested for vibrations ensuring no corrugated road will affect their performance plus they have a waterproof and dust rating of IP69K (which is the highest possible rating)

Op2 & OP4 Upgrades

Upgraded 2 x 135Ah BYD Lithium Batteries

New Renogy One Core Battery Management System

New Renogy 2000W Inverter

New Renogy 65A AC-DC & 40A DC-DC Charger

New Strong and Lightweight Steel Furniture 

New JBL Speaker

Upgraded Double Memory Foam Mattresses

New Roof Rack Compatible with T-Slot Accessories

New Mains Water Inlet (OP4)

Hybrid Caravan Upgrades 

New Electric Lift Roof Powered by LINAK® Techline Actuators

Upgraded 2 x 135Ah BYD Lithium Batteries (OP13)

Upgraded 3 x 135Ah BYD Lithium Batteries (OP15)

New Renogy One Core Battery Management System

New Renogy 2000W Inverter

New Renogy 65A AC-DC & 40A DC-DC Charger

New Interior Induction Cooktop

New JBL Speaker

New Mains Water Inlet

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Why We Use Industry Leading Electrical Brands

BYD Lithium Batteries

BYD has been making batteries since 1995 and has become the second-largest lithium battery manufacturer worldwide, so you can trust they know what they're doing when it comes to lithium power.

Renogy BMS, Inverter & Chargers

Designed for ease of use, smart functionality, and durable quality Renogy have been innovating the off-grid power solutions industry for the last 14 years. They have built up a global research and development team of more than 400 people so they can continue to push their products to the next level

LINAK® Techline Actuators

We went with LINAK® Techline Actuators to power our electric lift roofs in both the OP13 & OP15 because they rigorously test their products such as the vibration & shock test below, and pride themselves on reliability and precision engineering.  LINAK® have been around since 1976 and during that time they have won multiple Red Dot design awards.


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